Find a Security System Installation Company in Monroe, NC

Find a Security System Installation Company in Monroe, NC

Contego Technologies, Inc. can hook up schools, factories and offices

In the world we’re living in today, it’s important to secure your commercial property with a modern security system. If you’ve been putting off installing one, now’s the time to get it done. Get in touch with Contego Technologies, Inc. for a quality security system installation at your Monroe, NC commercial property.

We can install equipment on the inside and outside of your property to protect your occupants and assets. We’re equipped with the tools and training to set up security systems at large commercial properties, including schools, warehouses, campus complexes and office parks. We’ll work with you to design a custom system to fit your property’s needs.

Call us today at 980-239-7641 to get started.

Why install a security system?

In addition to an increased sense of safety for the occupants of your building, security systems can:

  • Decrease employee theft.
  • Discourage shoplifting.
  • Reduce the occurrence of unwelcome visitors.
Depend on us to install your cameras and additional equipment properly. Reach out to us now to stay on top of what’s occurring at your property.